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Kindness Bingo: Movie Edition

Kindness Bingo: Movie Edition

If your character is kind, YOU stand a chance to win!


Here's a fun game to play while you're watching a movie! 


  • Pick a movie that you want to watch. Ideally, pick a neutral movie that isn't obviously bad - like about a murderer. Teen and RomComs are great!
  • Pick a character you're rooting for! If you're more than one person playing this game, pick a separate character for each person.
  • Read all the options mentioned in the Kindness Bingo sheet you have.
  • Enjoy the movie, but also pay attention to the behaviors your character does.
  • Time how long it took for your character to finish all the kind acts in your bingo.
  • Enjoy the rest of the movie - truly rooting for your character!


Here’s how you win:

The player who completes the most squares or achieves a full row the fastest.



There are 2 different worksheets here so that no experience is the same.


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