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Kindness Cohorts
  by Kind Hearts Brigade  

We've created two unique programs to help people cultivate kindness through different kinds of acts. Find yourself being kinder at the end of your journey!

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30-Day Kind Acts Cohort

📆 Upcoming Batch in August 2024

Embrace a Journey of Self-Growth, Empathy, and Personal Transformation With a 30-day journey where you will receive 1 prompt each day. These prompts will inspire and enable you to be a kinder person to yourself and others by the end.

7-Day Kindness Journaling Cohort

📆 Upcoming Batch in July 2024

Your voice matters. The way you talk to yourself matters. Join us on a journey of  7 days where we follow a journaling pattern and identify the voice we use for ourselves, and change our own narrative. We'll unfold the path towards being kind to ourselves.

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