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A Podcast on Kindness

We host a podcast every month where we hold conversations about various topics from kindness in parenting to mental health to cultural empathy.

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What's this about?

This podcast hosts a series of conversations with people who have experienced kindness either through their own pro-social behaviour or through someone elses.

Kindness is in the little things that happen – whether it be a smile from a stranger, or someone paying for your coffee. Kindness exists in everything we do! We hope that today’s episode inspires you to do one kind thing today because it’s easy to ‘Simply Be Kind’.

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Simply Be Kind is an initiative of Kind Hearts Brigade, a venture devoted to making the world a kinder place. Through this podcast, we host conversations with people where we discuss moments in life where we need kindness.

🌟 Featured on Hubhopper Podcast Award 2022 list!
🌟 Featured in The Week (India) 

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Season 2

In our second season, we have taken things to the next level by producing both audio and video versions of our podcasts. Pick a format that you like! Join us on our journey as we uncover stories of kindness and compassion around the world.

Season 1
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