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Join The 30-Day Kindness Challenge

Embrace a Journey of Self-Growth, Empathy, and Personal Transformation With a 30-day Challenge That will inspire and enable you to be a kinder person to yourself and others by the end of it.


30 Days


30 Kind Acts


INR 300

What type of Kind Acts can I expect?

Through the 30 days, you will receive 30 unique acts to perform. These acts will cover the following:

Kind to others.png

Kindness To Others

As this is the easiest one to do, we begin with doing simple things to be kind to others. We will start with being kind to those in your immediate circle and will then extend it to potential strangers.


Kindness From Others

It's easier to be kind than to receive kindness. We feel embarrassed when someone is kind to us. We feel like we don't deserve it. These acts will help accept kindness from others.


Kindness To Self

It is the most difficult to be kind towards ourselves. We'll start off with simple self-care acts and then venture into acts that will feel liberating.

I can make the world go round with my kindness 🌏✨

Empower Yourself Through Kindness

Cultivate Kindness and Compassion

Each day, receive mindfully curated challenges that inspire acts of kindness and foster a compassionate mindset. By engaging in these activities, you'll develop a habit of kindness and empathy towards others.

Enable Self-Growth

The 30-day challenge will take you on a personal growth journey. The daily challenges are designed to help you reflect, gain insights, and develop a deeper understanding of yourself and others.

Feel the Power of Self-Care

Kindness isn't just about being good to others, it's also about being good to yourself. By engaging in acts of kindness, you nurture your own well-being and experience the joy that comes from making a positive impact on the lives of others.

Registrations are closed!

Challenge is Currently Underway

How does it work?

Image by Kelly Sikkema

✨ You join the WhatsApp Community (Don't worry, it's completely private. No one else can see you're part of this challenge).


✨ You will receive a 'Kindness Challenge of The Day' in the morning which you will have to complete within the day.


✨ You will also receive an alternative act or a hack to be able to complete the challenge due to personal reasons.


✨ Once you complete the challenge, you will confirm by responding to the message and letting me know!


✨ On the same day you will get a hint about the next day's prompt so you are mentally aware of what you might need to do.


✨ When you complete the entire 30 day challenge, you will receive a special message from us. You will also be eligible for the 50% refund.

✨ Note: While these may seem like mundane or simple kind acts, the overall impact of completing these 30 acts together will surely empower you to make kinder decisions in the future. We are careful enough to not make you uncomfortable with the acts, so none of them are boundary pushing. You'll be safe with us!

Why is this not free?
And why a 50% Refund?

We often find that people are a little more motivated once they are financially invested in it, hence we charge a nominal amount. Think about the time you ordered a pizza 🍕 or went out for some hot chocolate ☕️.


To reward you for completing the 30 day challenge, we are offering a 50% refund which you can either choose to accept, let us donate it to an NGO of our choice, or fund our work.

Join The
30-Day Kindness Challenge

Stay tuned to find out when our next challenge will be.

Sign Up For The Challenge!

What would you like to do with the refund?
What's your bandwidth like for the 30 days?

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Hear From Others!

Our participants from the previous 30 day Kindness Challenge share their views.


I think I did good. I really felt very very good after doing each act. Grateful ❤️


I learned how to be kind to others, and how to receive kindness back. I really loved some of the tasks. I would love to participate in more challenges like this.


I did well. On some days missed doing an act until the end of the day due to my tough schedule, but managed to do it with the constant nudge. Will incorporate few of these in my schedule in the future.

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