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Thank you for being Kind!



Did someone give you a ‘Kind Card’ recently and you’ve been wondering what that’s about?


Kind Hearts Brigade is on a mission to make this world a kinder place – and it starts with empowering you.


Whoever gave you this card has probably seen you do something so kind (whether it be a small act or a bigger one), that they wanted to thank you for it.


The goal of these cards, and whoever has them, is simple – see a kind act, give them a card to appreciate them.


These cards, as bright as they are, are created to inspire people to be kinder to the people around them.

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Confused about how to use the Kind Cards?

Using Kind Cards can come to be incredibly overwhelming, but here are a few ways you can use it.  But don't let this list limit you! 🤗

Your Family/Friends

Give it to a friend  or a family member who has been helpful to you in good times and bad.

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Someone at Work

Thank a wait staff at a restaurant (or at any place you visit outside home) if they’ve been exceptionally kind.

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For Yourself

Keep it in front of the mirror to thank yourself for being kind today (and every day).

Want your own set?


Do you want your own set or did you run out of the cards that you received?


That’s amazing! We’re happy to help you restock with new cards.  Do place an order with how many decks of cards you want. Each deck is Rs. 45 + India Speed Post Shipping Fees.


Thank you so much for wanting to empower people in being kinder!

Ps. If you want to collaborate on this, do fill out the same form and we'll get back to you!

Thank you for your interest! We'll connect with you soon to help you with the Kind Cards.

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