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7-Day Kindness Journaling Cohort

Your voice matters. The way you talk to yourself matters. Join us on a journey of  7 days where we follow a journaling pattern and identify the voice we use for ourselves, and change our own narrative. We'll unfold the path towards being kind to ourselves.


7 Days


Journal Prompts


INR 599

Your Path Towards Being Kind Towards Yourself Starts HERE!

Journaling Heals 🧡

Journaling is a powerful tool that can help you heal and build resilience.


Our 7-day journaling program, based on the teachings of a prominent self-compassion researcher, is designed to help you speak kindly to yourself and develop a more positive self-talk.


You will learn to be kinder to yourself and build a stronger sense of kindness towards yourself. Start your journey towards self-love and kindness!

Who is this cohort for?

✨ University Students

✨ Working Professionals

✨ Founders/Business Owners

✨ Anyone who looks in the mirror and judges themselves before saying nice things about themselves,

"You wouldn't yell at a friend going through a tough time, so why speak to yourself that way?"

Empower Yourself Through Kindness

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✨ Speak kindly to yourself

Learn techniques to replace negative self-talk with positive affirmations.

✨ Reduce negativity

Discover how to speak more positively towards yourself and others in tough situations.

✨ Stop self-blame

Develop strength to let go of self-criticism and take accountability instead.

✨ Master journaling

Gain the skills to continue kind practices through journaling.

✨ Embrace challenges

Build resilience to handle future hurdles without resorting to self-blame.

Registrations are now open!

Journey Begins on 22nd July 2024

Upcoming Program Dates

The 7-Day Exploration Through Journaling Program happens a couple of times a year. Select a date that is most suitable for you.


✨ 22nd July 2024 [Enrolments Open]

✨ 2nd September 2024

✨ 26th September 2024

✨ 7th October 2024

✨ 21st October 2024

✨ 16th December 2024

✨ 3rd February 2025

✨ 10th March 2025

How does it work?

Image by Prophsee Journals

✨ You join the WhatsApp Group.


✨ You will receive a method of journaling in the morning which you will have to complete within the day.


✨ You will have to send me a picture of what you have written. Feedback will be shared.

✨ Note: While these may seem repetitive, it is this repetition that will allow us to build kindness and empathy towards ourself. You'll be safe with us!

What material do I need to get started?

Journaling is very personal to each person. You can either use your current journal, or buy a new one. If you prefer using your phone app to journal, you can do that too.

We will send over a few stickers to place in your journal to help reinforce the message of being kind to yourself!

Join The
7-Day Kindness Exploration

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Join The Kindness Exploration
What is your preferred methor of journaling?

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Hear From Others!

Our participants from the previous Exploration share their views.


I've always struggled with kindness towards myself and this workshop helped tremendously with that. This journaling program gives you a moment everyday to truly extend compassion to yourself, no matter what the circumstance may be. Thank you, for such an insightful, informative, helpful and thoughtful cohort. 


The kindness journaling program helped me become kinder towards my emotions and how I am feeling without judging myself. I learned to understand and validate myself better.


I did well. On some days missed doing an act until the end of the day due to my tough schedule, but managed to do it with the constant nudge. Will incorporate few of these in my schedule in the future.

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